About Us

World Investment Advisory Services Bureau is an internationally recognized business advisory firm with its headquarters in Ghana, which seeks to bring the necessary investments to the African continent, thereby accelerating transformation and spreading wealth across the board.

World Investment Advisory Services Bureau would achieve this important task through the provision of essential advisory services to its clients, helping to connect them with the right business partners across the globe so they can expand their businesses and maximize their profit.

World Investment Advisory Services Bureau is a subsidiary of the E-ON 3 Group, which is a multi-purpose business entity providing essential business services to Ghanaian businessmen and women as well as foreign investors who are interested to invest in the African continent.

Our Services

The African continent, including Ghana, is fertile as it boasts of numerous business and investment opportunities, which any investor can take advantage of, through the able guidance and support of the World Investment Bureau and reap positive results.

With our support, you can become an industrialist with your business module; become a provider of services; or warmly participate in the creation of the infrastructure that will aid Africa’s growth, as we help you develop your feasibilities to meet your company’s financial goals and make your dream come true in the following sectors:

The World Investment Advisory Services Bureau is eagerly committed to attracting investors from all corners of the world to Africa and invest in the aforementioned areas and accrue huge profits from their investments within a short span.

In line with this great objective, the World Investment Bureau has properly and strategically positioned itself as the go-to outfit that is poised to introduce potential investors to the right investment opportunities in all parts of Africa and even beyond.

At The World Investment Advisory Services Bureau, we provide a wide spectrum of secure investment advisory services and cutting-edge business-savvy insights into the growth potentials in different countries in Africa, so the investor would recoup mind-blowing profit in a short time.

With the help of our professionally trained staff, investors would be aided to undertake the sound investments that will bring them the biggest returns on their investments and for their businesses to become symbols of resounding success and sustainability into the next generations.

We listen, inspire, and stay committed to contributing to helping scale up your investment in Africa. This we do by linking African entrepreneurs with the right business partners in Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East, and the rest of the world, so they can work together to their mutual benefit.

How to Benefit from World Investment Advisory Services Bureau

In order to benefit from the numerous business advisory services provided by The World Investment Advisory Services Bureau, you only have to perform the simplest task of officially registering your company with us so we can serve you better.

The World Investment Advisory Services Bureau is the gateway to Africa for any investor that wants to invest and transact business in the African continent and make whopping dividends and smile!